Putting your Head in the Clouds: Cloud Services for Business.

The term ‘Cloud Services’ covers a wide variety of software and features. From Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud to Hubspot, Salesforce and Dropbox, the need for physical storage and servers is a thing of the past. Here are just some of the reasons why Cloud Services is right for your business.

Remote Workflow

Since the end of 2019 and the start of the era of COVID lockdowns, all industries have taken their workforce online using cloud services. The IT departments took their companies’ workflow and uploaded it to the cloud. With Microsoft 365, your workflow can be online in seconds, your team collaboration happens in real-time and you are able to work on projects in any time zone, anywhere around the world.

Centralise Document Depository

With cloud services, you can create living documents that are safe, secure and accessible anywhere the internet exists. If your staff are on the other side of the world, you all can still work through a project at the same time, whilst keeping the intellectual property and sensitive internal documents safe and secure. A software suite available with Microsoft 365 also gives you almost unlimited transfer speeds which is great for high-load transfer. Store secure and in the cloud.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Server rooms are now being replaced by an “IP in the sky” cloud services as it’s becoming more cost-effective to have all business workflow in the cloud. Also, cloud services offer reduced latency even while all your team is accessing the same files. With NBN and the ever-growing list of software available online, the access speeds are going up and the costs are going down.

Whether you need to keep all your documentation and files in one place or you want to collaborate in real-time with your overseas team, Cloud services are serving you better than ever.

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